Sunday, July 3, 2011

I won't wear white shoes!!! And I have shoe lust, agian.

Ok so I have sworn off white shoes, and not in an attempt to be rigid or have any sort of fashion rules I just always have felt tacky wearing them.  Until on accident I creeped from my new found over to the Barney's website by way of Beauty is Life lipstick number 24 and checked out the sale section.  Where to my amazement I found some rather lovely and untacky white shoes that even on sale I could not afford.  Here they are the Chole Renna's in ivory can't you just see them with a printed yellow sundress, loose beachesque waves at Sunday brunch on the terrace.,default,pd.html  

Unfortunately I also fell in love with these 

oh and these too,default,pd.html  .

Thus it is lust because they will never be mine, unless the Barney's fairy magically sends them along with a pumpkin coach, it's not that I have never paid upwards of $200 for shoes it's that I can't anylonger.  Notice the trend with these kind of thick and chunky maybe that's a pregnant thing for me, at least in my dreams I could walk in them if not really own them.  What are your shoe lusts?