Thursday, February 2, 2012


It has been one of those days, the up earlier than normal super quick ready set go days.  We managed to be up and out before nine thirty and at the library coffee in hand ,donut in belly (guilt) by ten for story time.  It was nice to see some familiar faces, last time we didn't know anyone.  It was a Valentine theme and the stories were nice and short, the songs eas,y and the craft was a card....perfect and done. The baby got boobed in the midst of the commotion so he was happy, we checked out a book and home we went.  Laundry, jeans hemming, crock pot stirring, more laundry, enchiladas from crock potted pork, a little more laundry and cinnamon rolls yumm (diet?), glass o'wine and I think its time for bed.  I feel like I got some stuff done and made my kids at least a little happy, I still have a dining rooms worth of projects to tackle but there's always tomorrow.  Counting down the days till Florida and outdoor fun, sunshine how I miss you so.  Where do the days go?  What are your days like?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep calm.

On the heels of the Wiki stix incident last night I decided to heat up a frozen enchilada meal that a friend was generous enough to give to me (after I kept telling her and her husband how good they were)  in the oven totally forgetting that I never cleaned it after the episode. So my house is now filled with smell of blown out birthday candles on steroids AGAIN.  Genius that I am I decided to clean it while it was still on, wet sponge+ hot oven and vwahla a steam  facial oops.  Anyway all said I think that we have hit bottom today with a giant thud.  We are officially out of everything from apples to toilet paper (oh no, that's the last roll), dog food and diaper cream.  Topping the day off my vehicle is back in the shop, we picked it up today and it was out for a total of an hour and a half before we realized that it wasn't ok so back it went.  I should be taking this homebound opportunity to clean but no I am doing all of this instead.  I have been so busy with my "projects" that I should have noticed what was going on around here but I didn't.
My completely messy sewing spot/ kitchen table covered with heaps of fabric and two shirts in progress. My scrap stash getting cut into pieces which I hope to try quilting with for the first time.  Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee with straw so I won't spill down my shirt which is inevitable.
A new glass cover for the ancient fixture in Maddie's bedroom, hope she likes it. I will post more pics when it is done and maybe the shirts too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wiki Stick incident

"Can you smell that, something is wrong", check of the oven = nothing wrong .  "What on Earth is that smell, it"s like plastic burning", second check of the oven and ....smoke.  Out comes my super fancy home made garlic bread (yeah right), and there it is a dripping rainbow of melting wiki stix hanging on the rack now billowing smoke through my entire house. YUMMY.  If you're not familiar with the wiki stick they're colored six inch wax ropes you bend and stick to one another, completely reuseable and sometimes completely annoying in a ,"hey mom build me the lost city of Atlantis with these wiki sticks" kind of way.  They stick to each other, your clothes, and apparently cookie sheets placed on the counter and your hardwood floors.  Trying to remove a stepped on dirty wax lump from your oak floors = good times. They can also be lots of fun too, in crazy 3-d doodle man come to life kind of way.  I guess the rest of the pack  can stay......for now.   Man it stinks in here I gotta go re-open the door.  Have a toy gone wrong story, please share it with me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ants in pants

Lucky for me we don't have any ants at least not right now, too cold.  But I still feel antsy these days. This always happens about now, the point of to much indoorness and not enough outdoorness, the kind of anxious energy that makes you dislike the four walls you stare at all day long.  As we have grown from a family of three, now four plus one( my mom) our walls seem to be closing in on us, our stuff is crowding us out rapidly and it feels as if we are about to burst at the seams.  All of this is making me want to  throw absolutely everything out and live one of those picture perfect minimalist lifestyles with the sparkling white walls and lucite furniture etc., .....but then reality strikes and I come back to earth and realize that this is my life, my wonderful, messy, overabundent life and it dawns on me that all of this stuff belongs to all of the people I love most and it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them and the thought of that I couldn't even dare think.  So here I sit next to my gigantic dog surrounded by toys with a baby on my lap while my daughter and mother have a stuffed puppy and kitty wedding and smile, I will live with all the stuff in the world to have these moments.  But I might just have to throw on a new coat of paint one day soon.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everything is coming up roses!

Maybe it's just that it is winter in New England, or more likely that it is cold, or that I am inside with a new baby and a three year old, or that I spend waaayyy to much time obsessing over the lovely fashions du jour on my blog roll.  It seems as if I am in synch for a change with the fashion world and that my love for things vintage, and floral have come together which makes me very happy and warm. Like warm and fuzzy warm.  So here I am nursing a small baby and ordering beautiful florals off of the internet, most recently from Tanya Whelans Scaterred Roses and Birdy Hill lines off of, and some Lecien florals from a local shop Sew Creative.  And just today over on (Tanya Whelan) has a giveway for her newly reintroduced line of fabric Barefoot Rose, and I am so in love.  Roses seem to be my thing these days and let me tell you hers are beautiful so stop by and take a look  and enter to win her new book and a collection of fat quarters, oh and drool over the dresses wish I could buy one.  Hey and if you win (green with envy) please feel free to share the love, hint hint.
Thank you Ups man got this today!!!