Thursday, February 2, 2012


It has been one of those days, the up earlier than normal super quick ready set go days.  We managed to be up and out before nine thirty and at the library coffee in hand ,donut in belly (guilt) by ten for story time.  It was nice to see some familiar faces, last time we didn't know anyone.  It was a Valentine theme and the stories were nice and short, the songs eas,y and the craft was a card....perfect and done. The baby got boobed in the midst of the commotion so he was happy, we checked out a book and home we went.  Laundry, jeans hemming, crock pot stirring, more laundry, enchiladas from crock potted pork, a little more laundry and cinnamon rolls yumm (diet?), glass o'wine and I think its time for bed.  I feel like I got some stuff done and made my kids at least a little happy, I still have a dining rooms worth of projects to tackle but there's always tomorrow.  Counting down the days till Florida and outdoor fun, sunshine how I miss you so.  Where do the days go?  What are your days like?

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