Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep calm.

On the heels of the Wiki stix incident last night I decided to heat up a frozen enchilada meal that a friend was generous enough to give to me (after I kept telling her and her husband how good they were)  in the oven totally forgetting that I never cleaned it after the episode. So my house is now filled with smell of blown out birthday candles on steroids AGAIN.  Genius that I am I decided to clean it while it was still on, wet sponge+ hot oven and vwahla a steam  facial oops.  Anyway all said I think that we have hit bottom today with a giant thud.  We are officially out of everything from apples to toilet paper (oh no, that's the last roll), dog food and diaper cream.  Topping the day off my vehicle is back in the shop, we picked it up today and it was out for a total of an hour and a half before we realized that it wasn't ok so back it went.  I should be taking this homebound opportunity to clean but no I am doing all of this instead.  I have been so busy with my "projects" that I should have noticed what was going on around here but I didn't.
My completely messy sewing spot/ kitchen table covered with heaps of fabric and two shirts in progress. My scrap stash getting cut into pieces which I hope to try quilting with for the first time.  Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee with straw so I won't spill down my shirt which is inevitable.
A new glass cover for the ancient fixture in Maddie's bedroom, hope she likes it. I will post more pics when it is done and maybe the shirts too.

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