Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ants in pants

Lucky for me we don't have any ants at least not right now, too cold.  But I still feel antsy these days. This always happens about now, the point of to much indoorness and not enough outdoorness, the kind of anxious energy that makes you dislike the four walls you stare at all day long.  As we have grown from a family of three, now four plus one( my mom) our walls seem to be closing in on us, our stuff is crowding us out rapidly and it feels as if we are about to burst at the seams.  All of this is making me want to  throw absolutely everything out and live one of those picture perfect minimalist lifestyles with the sparkling white walls and lucite furniture etc., .....but then reality strikes and I come back to earth and realize that this is my life, my wonderful, messy, overabundent life and it dawns on me that all of this stuff belongs to all of the people I love most and it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them and the thought of that I couldn't even dare think.  So here I sit next to my gigantic dog surrounded by toys with a baby on my lap while my daughter and mother have a stuffed puppy and kitty wedding and smile, I will live with all the stuff in the world to have these moments.  But I might just have to throw on a new coat of paint one day soon.

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