Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wiki Stick incident

"Can you smell that, something is wrong", check of the oven = nothing wrong .  "What on Earth is that smell, it"s like plastic burning", second check of the oven and ....smoke.  Out comes my super fancy home made garlic bread (yeah right), and there it is a dripping rainbow of melting wiki stix hanging on the rack now billowing smoke through my entire house. YUMMY.  If you're not familiar with the wiki stick they're colored six inch wax ropes you bend and stick to one another, completely reuseable and sometimes completely annoying in a ,"hey mom build me the lost city of Atlantis with these wiki sticks" kind of way.  They stick to each other, your clothes, and apparently cookie sheets placed on the counter and your hardwood floors.  Trying to remove a stepped on dirty wax lump from your oak floors = good times. They can also be lots of fun too, in crazy 3-d doodle man come to life kind of way.  I guess the rest of the pack  can stay......for now.   Man it stinks in here I gotta go re-open the door.  Have a toy gone wrong story, please share it with me.

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